To start with I check the chimney stack from the ground, checking to see if any cowls or bird guards are fitted which enables me to work out how high the chimney stack is.



I then lay a sheet down on the floor to protect any carpets of floorings. Once this is done I inspect the inside of the chimney with my torch to enable me to select the correct size of brushes and rods to clean the chimney stack. 

Then i set about bringing all the tools that i need to sweep the chimney, industrial vacuum, brushes, rods etc . When i have all the tools i need to hand, I then sheet up the fireplace and seal it to prevent any soot escaping whilst I sweep.Then with the vacuum ready and brush and rod fitted i begin to sweep your chimney.

When I am happy no more soot is falling from the chimney I stop sweeping and remove rods and brush. i then remove the sealing sheet from around the firplace and inspect inside the chimney with my torch to ensure it is completely cleaned. Finally I use my industrial hover to make sure every last fine partical of fine soot is removed and then clear away all protective sheeting and tools to leave a clean and professionally swept chimney and fireplace.

I then issue a certifacte of sweeping to comply with your household insurance which will point out any problems I may have found IF any. I am more than happy to give any extra advise to all my customers.

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